Bollywood Actor Sharukh Khan, who is producing & acting in his first sci-fi thriller movie wants the Best Special Effects (SFX) in the movie. The movie which recently created a history in SFX was James Cameron's Avatar, a mega-blockbuster 3D movie which had out of world special effects. 
Ra One which is going to be directed by Anubhav Sinha will have the responsibility of introducing visually stunning special effects in which any hindi film has made it before. Anubhav Sinha has told his SFX team to study & have a close look of special effects that has appeared in Hollywood films like Star Wars, Avatar, X-Men, Terminator & 2012. Also, the team has started to make some sketches & models which very imaginative which may be incorporated in the movie. The shooting of Ra One has already been started. the special effects will be added in the post production stage of the movie.


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