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When ever i wanted to know upcoming movies, i used to do a thorough search and get the scheduled dates for some of my all time favorite movies. So i decided to collect those information's and make a list so that i don't have to keep searching them again and again on the net. Instead, i posted the list that i made for the upcoming releases and now whenever i want to take a look at a new movie name and its release date, all i have to do is to open my own site..... :)

August 2011
Aug 3 - TheSmurfs

Aug 5 - The Change Up, The Darkest Hour

Aug 12 - Mr. Popper's Penguins, 30 Minutes or Less, The Help

Aug 19 - Fright Night, Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World, Conan the Barbarian

Aug 26 - Final Destination 5

In the month of September 2011
Sep 2 - Colombiana, Untitled Shark Thriller

Sep 9 - TheApparition,Warrior

Sep 16 - Piranha 3 DD, Drive,Straw Dogs, Johnny English Reborn

Sep 23 - Abduction, Moneyball, Dolphin Tale

Sep 30 - Dream House, Anonymous, Now, Courageous

In the month of October 2011
Oct 7 - Real Steel,Wander lust

Oct 14 - Footloose, The Thing, The Three Musketeers

Oct 21 - Paranormal Activity 3, Contagion

Oct 28 - Dibbuk Box

In the month of November 2011
Nov 4 - Puss in Boots, Tower Heist

Nov 11 - Immortals,Jack and Jill

Nov 18 -  Happy Feet, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

Nov 23 - Project X, Arthur Christmas,The Muppets

In the month of December 2011
December 9 - New Year's Eve, Hugo Cabret

December 16 - Mission : Impossible - Ghost Protocol, Alvin and The Chipmunks:Chipwrecked, Sherlock Holmes 2

December 21 - The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

December 23 - We Bought a Zoo, The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn, A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas

December 23 - War Horse

A mum thinks about her children day & night, even if they're not with her. A mum loves her children in a way that theyll never understand.A mum will be there for her children when no one else will. A mum will take a bullet, stand in front of a train, & ask the God to take her instead of her child. If u have children that u love as much as I love mine
from my friend,
Donna Chumbley Baldacchino

I like to just follow in Nicole Ritchie tyyliä.Hän favors mm.boho tyyliä.En did not know any of what it means before I looked for information conceived netistä.Vaikka Ella Nicol has ever been able to have a questionable reputation and the dress has not always been so stylish I think he has evolved wildly tyylissään. Neitokaisellahan now has its own brand House of Harlow 1960, which is, for example jewelry and kenkiä.Madonna mm.suosii Richie's jewelry collection.
Neitokaisen rauhottuneen said after she had her first child her husband Joel Madden kanssa.Joel Journal said they have a good relationship with one another, because Nicole is so relaxed and carefree persoona.Mutta child after obtaining Nicolesta has reportedly become tiukkapipoisempi, Joel continues. Nicole said before everything just "was just the same" For example, if I was late, it was not a big juttu.Nykyisin his opinion, however, he says: "I know that I have been waiting täällä.Etkö could not even call? However, it is just cute.
Boho-hippityyli and has been for some time a very visible fashion magazines, designers, new collections and fashion in handling internet sites. Style is the name of Boho chic. Perhaps it is a viable option for the next great fashion phenomenon, since it is closely linked to sustainable development on the current mega-trend. Recycled and vintage clothing when tuned is an important part of the Boho chic, fashion, and, perhaps, a hippie-style clothes that come with hippimäiset way of thinking.

Blake Lively  is one among the hottest young seductive actresses in Hollywood. With lots of efforts & her hard work she gets her super sexy scheme which includes those gorgeous gams.

Bobby Strom who is the trainer of the hottie told the press that, Blake Lively is extremely committed which makes wonders on why his clients look so good. She has to do some stunts where they are now giving training to become stronger for her "Green Lantern" gig.

Also he said about her penchant for Greek dish which was unbelievable about her consumption. She had prepared some Greek fest which had crepes with cheese cream in them, where they could eat only the half portion of it. But Blake Lively ate all of hers & moreover she ate some others half.

Pro golfer Tiger Woods & his wife Elin Nordegren apart from their divorce have come to an new agreement which will be on how they both will handle the custody of their kids. Tiger Woods & Elin Nordegren have two kids Sam & Charlie. The couple will be sharing the custody of their children which has turned out to be a fair decision on both the sides.

An insider have told the press saying that Tiger Woods & his mistress are not getting along as a married couple & also there has been no clash by the children too. Woods & Elin have come up with a very good decision which seems to be the best one for their kids & both are very clear about this matter. When the couple are at home, without any quarrel or any argument they pass the kids back & forth. Even their children are very close to both of them.

Kelly Clarkson celebrated her 28th birthday on 24th of April, Saturday. She was spotted in the airport when she taking her flight from Perth to Malaysia. She was going to take part in two shows which held in Kuala Lumpur. Recently, "American Idol" alum was into an cigarette sponsorship scandal.

Kelly Clarkson swings through Singapore before landing in Jakarta, Indonesia. This caused the fuss when it came to know that her show was to be sponsored by well-known cigarette make L.A. Lights.

When it was revealed, to make some adjustments, Kelly Clarkson’s management quickly released a report telling that Kelly Clarkson's show which will happen on 29th April has been canceled because of the tobacco sponsorship. Whatever billboards or the posters, Ads put on the streets & the media will be removed soon.

Kelly Clarkson considering the situation, wrote on her blog telling that, "I refuse to cancel on my fans. I'm not a smoker and I certainly don't advocate it".