Kelly Clarkson celebrated her 28th birthday on 24th of April, Saturday. She was spotted in the airport when she taking her flight from Perth to Malaysia. She was going to take part in two shows which held in Kuala Lumpur. Recently, "American Idol" alum was into an cigarette sponsorship scandal.

Kelly Clarkson swings through Singapore before landing in Jakarta, Indonesia. This caused the fuss when it came to know that her show was to be sponsored by well-known cigarette make L.A. Lights.

When it was revealed, to make some adjustments, Kelly Clarkson’s management quickly released a report telling that Kelly Clarkson's show which will happen on 29th April has been canceled because of the tobacco sponsorship. Whatever billboards or the posters, Ads put on the streets & the media will be removed soon.

Kelly Clarkson considering the situation, wrote on her blog telling that, "I refuse to cancel on my fans. I'm not a smoker and I certainly don't advocate it".


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