Pro golfer Tiger Woods & his wife Elin Nordegren apart from their divorce have come to an new agreement which will be on how they both will handle the custody of their kids. Tiger Woods & Elin Nordegren have two kids Sam & Charlie. The couple will be sharing the custody of their children which has turned out to be a fair decision on both the sides.

An insider have told the press saying that Tiger Woods & his mistress are not getting along as a married couple & also there has been no clash by the children too. Woods & Elin have come up with a very good decision which seems to be the best one for their kids & both are very clear about this matter. When the couple are at home, without any quarrel or any argument they pass the kids back & forth. Even their children are very close to both of them.


bleep said...

that's the saddest part in a broken marriage...the kids being affected. this is one reason why i do not condone divorce/annulment.

wish they'll try to make it work and not be selfish to their kids.

+akufobia+ said...

sad.sob.drop tear.

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